The Lives of Sri Aurobindo

The Lives of Sri Aurobindo is a full-length biography of Sri Aurobindo written in a highly readable narrative style. Covering all aspects of his life and discussing all his major works in considerable depth, it sets a new standard for scholarly treatments of one of the most important figures in modern Indian history. Published by Columbia University Press in 2008, it has been widely reviewed and widely discussed in Indian and foreign journals, newspapers and other media. It is divided into nine chapters: 1. Early Years in India: Bengal, 1872—1879; 2. Growing up English: England, 1879—1893; 3. Encountering India: Baroda, 1893—1906; 4. Into the Fray: Calcutta, 1906—1908; 5. In Jail and After: Bengal, 1908—1910; 6. A Laboratory Experiment: Pondicherry, 1910—1913; 7. The Major Works: Pondicherry, 1914—1920; 8. The Ascent to Supermind: Pondicherry, 1913—1926; 9. An Active Retirement: Pondicherry, 1927—1950; with preface and epilogue.

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