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Another take on the Doniger affair

India’s Etiquette Police (Written for the Columbia University Press blog).

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Banished from the Bookshelves

Outlook has a great feature with statements by six authors whose books have been banned. I am one of them. Here’s my piece. Scroll down for the other five.

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Award for Writing the Self

Writing the Self has been named an Outstanding Academic Title for 2013 by Choice. See the announcement on the Bloomsbury Academic webpage here.

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Situating Sri Aurobindo

My new Reader, Situating Sri Aurobindo, has been released by OUP India. It consists of 15 essays by noted scholars such as Kathleen Raine, Sugata Bose, J.N. Mohanty, Haridas Chaudhuri, Stephen Phillips, and Michael Stoeber on Sri Aurobindo’s poetry, social

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Freedom of Speech and the Outrage Industry

Originally posted on February 7, 2013 A lot has been written in recent months about freedom of speech and the so-called “outrage industry” that turns the raw material of actual or feigned hurt into products for the use of political

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Writing the Self is Out

Writing the Self was released by Bloomsbury USA in February and Bloomsbury UK in April. It is available in paperback and hardback, as well as two ebook formats. The book is also available from and, as well as

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Writing the Self

Just about finished correcting the first proofs of Writing the Self. Bloomsbury plans to release it in the US in February and in the UK in April. You can preorder it from Amazon here.

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New start

For five or six years this site was hosted by Microsoft Office Live Small Business, a free service that allowed me, a writer with no knowledge of website creation, to put up some basic information about myself and my publications.

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